What’s your marketing plan?

What are your goals–short and long range? Strategy is the art and science of identifying these goals.

Many organizations always seem to be in rush mode. We wait until the last minute and then cram to finish a presentation, a trade show booth or an ad. When tight on time, strategy breaks down into tactics. When tight on time, we miss opportunities.

Having a Plan

Trade shows are perfect examples. Because of the research we did, you know this is the event that will drive sales. Done right, firing on all cylinders, an organized team can present a great booth, ads placed properly in trade pubs, timed to hit on the opening day. Beyond that, news releases have been well crafted, appointments with reporters arranged, your spokespersons have been media trained and nail their interviews resulting in coverage post-show. Promotions can be planned and tied into your campaign. You’ve sponsored a breakfast and lead a workshop. Presentations on cue, message focused, you make the most of this expo–it gets no better than this.

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” —Benjamin Franklin

By maintaining a marketing plan and understanding your needs a year out, you can plan for eventualities. You can save expense on print vendors and avoid rush fees, never mind the stress it puts on your team.

When crisis hits, you’ve prepared and have a contingency to manage it. With a plan, your people know what to do, what to say and how to perform.

That’s the power of strategy

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Strategy Sets Goals

Leading the charge under one banner

With goals we can measure the effectiveness of our marketing, we know what we need to do. Performance-based, we can double efforts where they work and scale back where response is poor. The biggest benefit of clear strategy is vision. Company vision organizes and motivates people. It creates a banner under which to lead, and when we get there, we all know it.

Leaders point the way forward. Leaders set goals and marshal the troops to reach them. Is everyone rowing to the same drumbeat at your organization?

Longbow sees the big picture. Our goal is to serve you with distinction today and be a continual resource for you tomorrow. We help you craft your vision and reach your goals.