Research and analysis.

Rather than try to sell you on it, we’ll focus on the services we provide. With any research there are three points to consider:

  • Intro, needs assessment, and search definition
  • Information gathering
  • Data analysis
marketing research

Managing the scope of any research is key to delivering value. Working closely with your team, we set specific goals and establish caps so you know exactly what, where and why we’re performing this work. Traditional marketing research relies on proven methods and practices, searching through public records and disclosure, looking for info from multiple sources and gathering all the relevant data.

On the digital side, Longbow is adept at search, SEO, keyword, competitive ranking, gap analyis and analytics, using a variety of tools to make a unique stack relative to your needs.

Gathering the data is step one, analyzing and visualizing all this information helps us to see opportunity. And the more we know about you, your market, your goals and your vision, the more value we can deliver to all your marketing efforts.

With a report as the deliverable, you control how much energy we deploy. From a simple scan to in-depth analysis, you specify goals and range. Our goal is to use research and analysis to provide detailed views and provide immediate value. Our recommendations provide actionable intel that defines issues we see and offers ways to mitigate and work though them. From understanding who’s in your space to what others offer, from valuation to price shopping, and from search and site ranking, we help you see who you’re ranking against, for what, and how you’re positioned in the marketplace.

Competitive Analysis

icon_competitive-researchWhen we understand your marketing objectives, we research, discover what’s out there, deploy information resources and analyze response.

Adept at gathering intel, we discover groups through corporate disclosure, trade and mainline media, news and releases, alternative electronic media and channels.

Search Reporting and Auditing

analyze-searchRefine online marketing with data

Longbow can setup and augment your reporting and analytics. Are you making decisions based on a hunch or real time data? Understanding your traffic is they key to optimizing your site. We can help improve conversions and better craft your site and campaigns.

Keyword Audit

icon_analyzeYou’re ranking and you’re running AdWords, but is it working?

What would your perfect customer type in, to find your products and services? So much organic and paid search relies on knowing which keywords perform. If you’re tired of guessing and want to jumpstart your digital, then get started with a Keyword Audit. This one time service looks at your site, your competitors and uses several data sources and tools, unique for each client, to give you better insight. We then provide an in depth analysis and go over it with your team with our recommendations.

Advertising Audit

Where should you place your ad spend?

Is your ad spend effective? We provide an unbiased perspective and help you see all the places you could be advertising. Diversifying and managing how you buy ads, shaking up where and when you place them, can have a dramatic effect on sales and prospecting. Longbow helps understand your goals and gathers data on all the places you could be running ads. Print, digital, video, social, old school, cutting edge—when’s the last time you seriously reviewed the way you reach out via advertising?

We don’t sell ads. Our mission is to help you use them more effectively. As well, Longbow is adept at setting up reporting tools, gathering data and refining analytics to help you better understand your advertising big picture. From that, we can help you make informed decisions on your ad spend, and increase the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Contact us today for deeper insight into how we can deploy marketing research and planning.