Promote, Reach Out and Execute

Are your marketing efforts performing?

promotionHow do we get the word out? Promotion is the action stage. It’s the details, the where, when, and why of your marketing efforts.

From advertising to trade show strategy, internet to print collateral, press kits to investor relations, how and where you promote is all execution.

Promotion, in a big picture sense, is all the steps we take and campaigns we deliver to connect with potential customers. By taking into account each step, promotion can be planned and intentional, in sync with your goals and vision—rather than a knee-jerk reaction.

Every business is unique and promotion must be tailored to your market, your audience, to be most effective.

At Longbow we are target-conscious

promotionYou hit more targets, when you steady your aim.

With data from research we can determine the most important question of promotion: Where do we invest energy in marketing and advertising?

Search, Paid Advertising (PPC), trade show, print, radio, billboards? The possibilities are without end, but answer this: Where do your future customers gather? Where do they go to search for solutions and how do they make decisions regarding your products and services?

Knowing your audience is the single most important factor in promotion. Measuring each campaign’s effectiveness is a key step that many organizations ignore. If you aren’t tracking response and looking at data, then you’re wasting time and money.

Is your advertising working?

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We love this stuff. Tap into Longbow and get your marketing machine in order. With research and analytics, by tracking response, we can understand what’s effective and what isn’t. As we establish a history of response, you’ll be amazed at what the data shows you and where it can lead.