News is a great Source of original content

Tell your story through an intentionally crafted news stream

The first thing I do when researching an organization is to read through their corporate news, releases and articles. Leveraging your Internet assets fully, has got to include your news. News keeps active visitors coming to your site, shows movement and provides a historical timeline that allows readers to get a wider understanding of who you are and what you do. Managing your news shows signs of life.

NewsTell your story

Longbow offers a variety of services from writing and editing to managing and archiving and finally, getting the word out. We can help organize a broader public relations campaign. We can dig back into the past and create a history that shows who you are and points to where you’re going. Creating a news stream isn’t as daunting as it sounds. In many organizations we’ve helped create a process and system that generates recurring content.

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Everyone has tried using social media to build interest in their brands, but without a stream of original content, it’s an exercise in futility. The same goes for marketing automation with HubSpot, Pardot or Marketo. Without fresh, relevant content, you’re wasting time and money. News as content delivers on all these fronts. With an intentional strategy, we can help you drive content and social proof with your news.

Use news to tell your story

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Experience Managing News

With a history of working corporate client-side, we understand how the News section of your website can be turned into an asset that builds credibility. We help several corporate clients keep their public relations up to date, with over a decade of experience managing news and press releases.

Advertising alone is never enough. Taking PR to the next level, we can work to get you covered in local or trade publications. When paired with a public relations campaign, news can get you much more exposure than ads ever will. And in conjunction with trade shows and expos, news is a critical component of your marketing efforts. Working with your team or leading the charge, use Longbow to get the word out.

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Sea Turtle Preservation Society

Working with Sea Turtle Preservation Society, we create articles and press releases, then connect with media to get their story covered. Reaching larger audiences is the key. Click and see.

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