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Marketing Magnet

Marketing is one of those over-used words that means different things to every person you meet. To us, it’s the strategies you use to accomplish your goals. Marketing can make your company a magnet. It can pull people to you and forever change the way you do business. It can empower your sales, light a spark in your people and build up the bottom line.

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Marketing is Strategic

Who are you? Where have you been? Where are we going? It’s charting a course for success. So what’s your plan?

Like any strategy expected to work, it must be based in reality—built on facts not presumption. And facts means data and research. Facts provide market intelligence and allows to us make informed decisions, rather than hunches and guesswork. Chart a course for growth and plan for success.

Research and Analysis

Once we understand the market, your niche and what differentiates you from others, we start to see opportunity. When we can define who you are, what you’re passionate about, where you make the most profit, we can realize possibilities.

Research includes competitive analysis, SWOT and traditional marketing reporting as well as analytics, traffic analysis, SEO, keywords and more. Analysis provides actionable information, refinement, guidance and direction—it defines where you are and suggests opportunity for growth.

Big Picture Marketing

big picture marketing

At Longbow, we look at the big picture. Where do you fit into your industry? When you can see from 10,000 feet, when you examine your needs over one year, you can tap into efficiencies. By anticipating needs you can plan campaigns around opportunities, rather than react from the hip—always in rush mode.

When we have a plan, we can set and work towards measurable goals. Strategy lets us shift course to get back on target, rather than letting the wind carry us wherever it will. You’ve invested your lives into your business. Your investors and stakeholders deserve results. How you make decisions effects every person in your enterprise. Talk to us and see how we can refine what you’re doing, set goals and measure success.

Integrated Marketing


Longbow is adept at all kinds of media. We save considerable expense by being able to use one creative session and then deploy that work in different ways to reach your audience. From web, social, print, press, trade and outreach—we keep consistency throughout all your campaigns.

In fact, over the last three years, our team has won a bunch of awards for integrated campaigns.

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