Original Content is King

A repeatable process that creates unique, relevant content.

Search engines and humans alike consume content. Content means writing, images, video, audio and more, but it all starts with the script. At Longbow we know that for your site to be found online, it has to stand out. Content is the way we do that. Our method of creating all this isn’t novel. It’s solid, repeatable, and we’re relentless in it’s pursuit for you. Let us share our process and see how we grow leads and sales, build traffic, Google ranking and quality score with content.

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Content Marketing is all about the content

Writing and editing—original, relevant content

There has never been so much information available to us. The marketplace is bombarded with a never ending stream of content—and the majority of it is all noise.

How do you rise above the commotion? How do you get your point made to the exact, perfect audience? The answer is content. Original, useful, relevant content.

Make your site a magnet that pulls interested people to you. We can quickly build a strategy that defines content, leverages each writing session with multiple deliverables and gets the word out about your organization.

We help you tell your story

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Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the creation of original writing and editing, speaking in the right tone that resonates with your audience. Longbow can be the source, an editor that develops your material, or the partner that manages the process for you.

Inbound Marketing

We all see the relentless assault of digital advertising being waged on us. For inbound to work, it has to resonate. It has to strike a nerve, fill an unmet need and be timed perfectly. Inbound done wrong, turns off your audience. Finding the proper balance is mission critical.

Technical Writing

Our experience in writing covers many disciplines and industries. From the technology world to healthcare, sustainability to entertainment, legal, venture capital to the financial world, and retail to tourism, we’ve worked for some amazing organizations. Often we’re translators, always we’re communicators. Our job is to take what you offer, often highly technical in nature—and distill it down and refine your message, so that your audience can understand the real value.

Articles, News, Press Releases, White Papers and more.

Original writing can be deployed and customized for different uses. As gated content and downloads, as articles and news for blogs, newsletters and social outreach, we can quickly take your ideas, turn them into outlines and finally into finished content ready for deployment.

Guest Blogging

Get a fresh take on your subject matter with our guest writer services.


Data is informative, but visualizing data helps the user see the relevance. Tap into our extensive graphic design skills for infographics with mass appeal .

See what original content can do for your search and conversion goals.

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