Growing your business

Insight and experience creates opportunities

Planting seeds for future growth is intentional.

You would be amazed at how often we’ve improved business function and focus. As we research markets and find the things that make you unique in them, opportunity shines a white light in a confusing marketplace. When we gain a deeper understanding of the market you operate in, data, analysis and business intelligence, reveals where you can shine.

Biz Dev is much more than Sales. It’s more than Lead Generation, though that begins to define it’s role in most organizations. Research, analysis and due diligence connected to our creative brainstorming, experience and an eye for the possible—results in opportunity.

We can offer a critical eye and play devil’s advocate to refine your ideas. We can see where data substantiates claims and where it refutes them. And by knowing your competition, we illuminate the landscape. They call it, business intelligence.

With great expertise in branding, identity and positioning—we can help you market and promote your business, smarter.

Leverage what you already have.

Marketing is Strategic. Use our experience to grow new markets.

Often you’ve developed resources that can be re-purposed. Where can we grow your business? As brand builders with experience in the venture capital world, we can quickly grow an idea to an offering, and get that in front of prospects. It starts with one phone call.

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Planting New Seeds

Biz Dev is more than sales

Ideas are seeds that when planted and watered become viable offerings. Acorns grow into mighty oaks, and if you’re not planting new seeds for your business, then you are not growing.


Every so often we need to plant new seeds and re-invent ourselves.

Your organization, what are you great at? Where are you most profitable? What are you best in the world at? Longbow helps you find answers to these questions, to jump-start the process of growing your business. When we can quantify who you are, it helps us imagine where you can take your organization.

At our heart, we’re idea guys. With an entrepreneurial eye, we can help you see possibilities. Our broad expertise in marketing can help you identify how you can grow. Then we get to work.

grow your business

We’ve worked in the venture capital space with tech incubators and accelerators. In fact, we’ve worked for and with over 6 distinct groups. Each had a process and a methodology for refining ideas. And by refine, I mean due diligence—attacking them from every angle until they become viable offerings. From each offering, Longbow can quickly execute each concept into a brand or product, that we can then promote, refine, and correct over time.

Startups and visionaries often have a disconnect when it comes to executing ideas—that’s where we find our niche.

We can do so much in-house, that it’s hard to compete with our cost to value ratio. And when we need the big guns, we are connected. From world class Madison Avenue PR firms to Ad agencies across the state of Florida, we can scale when we need to. Our experience can grow your ideas quickly.

If you need to ramp up sales, we do that as well—in well executed campaigns. Sales is tactical, delivered in quick, measurable campaigns. That’s how we build sales. When you call it business development, it’s confusing.

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