Are you growing?

Our big-picture mindset delivers insight into every move you make.

Strategically, we look at who you are and everything you do to promote your organization. Longbow helps measure your efforts, understand the market you live in, and fine tune your outreach. We show what you could be doing.

big picture perspective

Big Picture means thinking strategically about your business and how you market yourself.

With vision and goals, every task takes on a new meaning—and can work to get you where you want to be. Longbow provides an array of services, everything you need to promote. We’ve created a process that illuminates the big picture–and defines all the things you could be doing to make the most of your marketing efforts.

On our site, you’ll find some thoughts on what we believe about marketing, communications and business development. You’ll find mini case studies and visual examples in our portfolio section that back up all this text with work. We hope you’ll see the quality and passion we put into every project, and want that energy put to use for the thing you’re passionate about—your business.

Do you make decisions based on hunches—or are they informed? Without current data in a rapidly changing marketplace, you are missing opportunities and wasting energy. A strategic mindset saves time and money—and prevents wasted effort.

Business Development
Public Relations
Content Development
News Management

Market Intelligence

Understanding where you fit in the competitive landscape.

Know Thyself. From setting goals to knowing what products and services to offer, to selling items at the right price, business intelligence is mission critical.

With strategy, every tactic, every campaign, aligns to a bigger vision.

Understand the big picture to better grow your business.

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