Sea Turtle Preservation Society Launches New Marketing and Public Relations Team

Sea Turtle Preservation Society

by Eric Needle

Based in Melbourne, Florida, the Sea Turtle Preservation Society is an all-volunteer organization whose mission is helping sea turtles survive. Brevard County, where we live and work, has a 72-mile long coastline that’s a critical place for sea turtles, among other things. It’s the place where over 50% of several species of marine turtles call home—they nest here.

Our county is a really special place, and not just for sea turtles. People saw a disturbing trend. When turtles hatched, instead of swimming out into the Atlantic, they were heading out onto A1A, only to be run over, en masse. A1A is the main road beachside, stretching from the Florida Keys to Maine. Concerned for their future, they organized into the Sea Turtle Preservation Society, determined to address the issue before it would be too late. After careful study, they figured out that beachside lighting was the cause. After considerable effort, Brevard County created ordinances that control how we light our homes, hotels, and condos on the coast.

What inspires us so much, is that when confronted with a problem, this group brought about significant change, and today sea turtle populations are rebounding.

Press Release

Melbourne, FL | November 9, 2018 – The Sea Turtle Preservation Society (STPS) cares about the survival of sea turtles, and the beaches of Brevard County—where most sea turtles choose to lay their eggs—play a critical role in their life cycle.

It’s no secret that the Space Coast’s beaches and waterways attract residents and tourists alike to take in the environmental beauty our county offers, but this can create challenges unique to our community. The vital moment after sea turtles lay their eggs, hatch, crawl out, and then attempt to swim out to the Atlantic Ocean is the most dangerous season they face during their lives—human interaction at this critical time can seriously hurt their chances for survival.

Educating the public about sea turtles is one of the main missions of STPS.

STPS has recently announced the creation of a new marketing and public relations team. Communicating these dangers with people—both locals and visitors—is a major effort and can literally be the difference between life or death for the turtles, and the survival of the species, as a whole.

To take on the challenge, this committee of local volunteers—professionals in marketing and public relations—are able to reach out and better inform everyone who might come into contact with their lovable reptile neighbors.

Meet the Team

“Please join me in welcoming this new team to meet the public relations and marketing needs of our organization,” announced Dave Cheney, STPS Board, and Director of Marketing Public Relations.

The team is led by Eric Needle, who runs, a marketing agency based in Melbourne. Eric publishes GreenBrevard, a site that promotes sustainability, sharing good news about people and organizations who care about the future of our community.

STPS has been featured prominently on the site, and was even a major inspiration in its creation, with the article, “Hope Comes in the Shape of a Baby Sea Turtle”. GreenBrevard continues to tell our story with this article from April, “Prepare your Beachside Homes and Businesses for Sea Turtle Nesting Season”.

Joining the team is Bill Sokolic, a seasoned journalist with bylines in daily, weekly and monthly publications, as well as wire services like the Associated Press and Reuters. He writes on a variety of subjects, including the environment, business, entertainment, tourism and news.

Sheila Harnois is a writer and STPS media coordinator.

Ryan Needle is a copywriter for and editor for GreenBrevard. Ryan has recently graduated from UCF with his 4-year degree and has experience in both content marketing and the field of estate planning.

About STPS

Sea Turtle Preservation Society is an all-volunteer non-profit organization whose mission is helping sea turtles survive. Brevard County’s 72-mile long coastline is a critical habitat for marine turtles, and STPS’ efforts help turtles in need, organizes beach cleanups, and raises awareness of the threats sea turtles face today.

A primary focus of the organization is to educate the public about marine turtles. The group reaches thousands of people each year through public presentations, exhibits at area events, and by their turtle watches during the sea turtle nesting season. The Turtle Krawl, their annual 5k Run/Walk, is the largest 5k race in Brevard County.

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