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Branding is Integrated

The word branding has become commonplace, yet few organizations really tap into the full potential of their brands. Branding is really a very simple practice. Ranchers of the American frontiers marked their cattle with a distinctive mark, a brand, to be able to tell them apart at a crowded marketplace. Today, your brand is no different.

We mark our company, our products and our services with a brand. We call these ideas about visual icons, logos, styles and cues your identity.

Branding is the consistent application of your identity. And it can mean more than just that mark, your logo. It can mean all your organization is, its mission, its goals and vision. Well crafted branding goes beyond the logo.

In the promotion of your business, your branding efforts really makes marketing and promotion a lot easier. Every document that leaves your office should bear the same mark, the same look and feel. From printed material to internet, from business cards to tradeshow campaign, from direct mail to presentations, they all need to project your image. When all your departments speak the same message in unison, the public hears an organized chorus. When everything is different, it’s a jumble, a din, and confusion sets in.

Heath ePay

For NPC’s HealthePay, we created a strong identity, and then projected it across all their materials. In the crowded healthcare financial space, we clearly and concisely projected our brand. As added benefit, the work was built from one body of creative work, significantly lowering costs to produce.

If big corporations, like National City Bank can work simply and efficiently to create and promote a brand, shouldn’t you?

Branding and Integrated Marketing

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