Focused Product Sheets

Arm your sales team with the materials they need to produce results.

Product sheets arm your sales force with a cohesive, concise tool that enables you to better market. They are the one piece of print collateral that should be updated and altered as often as your marketing team changes course.

The key to a good sell sheet or product slick is focus. Communicating your message is critical. Working with many technical companies in diverse markets, we see similarities. It’s easy to tell all the things you can do, but how does your product or service fill the needs of the customer? When you can turn around your way of thinking and look what a user needs, you start to get on better footing. Talk to your customers, find out what moves them and you might just discover a new market or ways to tweak your offering for bigger impact.

Working with MEDai we helped create a suite of updated product sheets to better market to the healthcare space. MEDai, Inc. is a leading health information company, offering award-winning solutions to the payor and provider markets. These processes provide healthcare providers solutions that incorporate disease focused severity adjustment, benchmarking and evidence-based processes of care to improve outcomes in a hospital-based setting.

Medai Sell Sheets

Designing and Managing Print is focused on integrated marketing. Content and print is still a big part of getting our information into prospects hands and whether it’s on paper or viewed on your tablet, we’re experts at it.

From award winning design to print brokering, we can help you navigate the world of commercial printing.

Often we’re called in to revamp all your sales collateral in one body of work. From healthcare to IT, and tech to software. In 2015 our work for Artemis IT Addy Awards, won 2 Gold and 2 Silver Addys for their Sales Kit and integrated campaigns. Their extensive service offerings require updates and changes.

Print and Digital Collateral

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We serve this up in three levels, from digital versions to arm sales staff, to onsite printing on demand and then print vendors as needed. This allows us to make edits on the fly, yet be prepared for the short runs.

Instead of looking for an agency of the day to design collateral for a new service or product, we arm your team with fresh, branded documents. We can handle technical writing and custom, original graphic design and illustration.

Event Marketing

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