Designing Print That Works

So often, brochures and printed materials are made at great expense, but do not work towards your overall goals. Each document that comes from your organization are opportunities to reinforce your brand, your message and the vision of who you are.

With any new client, our job is to discover who you are and where you want to go. Defining your positioning is critical. Position describes your market, the segment you live in, and identifies not just you, but everyone else who occupies that space; Yes, the competition. Often we have preconceptions or misconceptions about our competition. Knowing your competition allows us to build upon your strengths and differentiate them. While some of this goes beyond the scope of a print project, it’s all relevant.

The next critical cog is understanding your audience. Again, a little research now pays off big, making your campaign, the reason for the brochure, that much more successful. Not knowing who we’re speaking to can negate all this work.

Your brochure speaks volumes about you, on many different levels. By tieing into your strengths and connecting to your audience, we increase it’s value; We make it worth the effort.


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Designing print that works

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