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As designers who build websites, often the most noticeable things we do for our clients are not visual. What makes a really good website? Building the world wide web since 1994, we know it’s more than pretty pictures or flashy logos. What Longbow is most effective at, is managing all your information.

A designer really moves things around so they best fit a space to serves someone’s needs. User experience is the key. Since 2013, our focus has been responsive design. Mobile first, scaling in complexity, your site needs to understand the user and clearly get your message across. Design should augment that goal, not ge tin the way.

I think many site builders never quite hit the mark because they don’t understand both sides of the equation. Look and feel, GUI, navigation and getting around is critical. What’s the point in having a ton of information if your audience never finds it? As art guys, we care about what it all looks like, but as designers, we need to present everything where the right people can see it.

Even several years ago, when we produced this work for Sorensen Moving and Storage, an Allied Van Lines agent here in Melbourne Florida, we saw a different way to communicate to their customers. They needed more than a face lift for their public internet site.


For starters, we needed a site that let you know you were at an Allied Van Lines affiliate site. The design is clean and concise, and focuses on your needs. When you need to move, residential or office, what info do you seek on the net? You need to know cost and you need to understand the process. Big buttons on the left address these needs.

Then, by focusing on different audiences, we direct customers to the right place on their site and the right people to contact, be it someone who’s relocating to a new area or a business with serious commercial needs.

And in the process, we talk about the Sorensen’s 50+ year history of serving Central Florida. The result is a streamlined site that gives people what they need. And a happy Artemis client. Longbow often works behind the scenes with a number of partners, providing design and ease of use or big picture strategic marketing.

Mobile Users

From responsive design to search engine visibility, modern design to serious functionality, is your source for clean, internet development.

Recent search algorithms penalize your site’s rankings if they don’t work on mobile and tablets. When Google tells you your site isn’t optimized for mobile, you’re late to the party. Because your users—a majority who visit on their phone—have already gone somewhere else.

Is your site, mobile friendly? Ask Google, here:

Longbow can help you get more from your site with clean design and focused content.

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