PlanetShifter Names Longbow Public Relations Agency of Record

San Francisco, CA — Boutique Agency, Leads Campaign to Launch PlanetShifter, an Innovative Green Network.

Longbow Strategic Group (, the big picture marketing communications firm, today announced that it has been selected by to spearhead the promotion of its online “Innovation Network”. is a collaboration to work network. It’s a think tank, a virtual water cooler meet-up, and a place to share and refine ideas about sustainability. The community will be driven by artists, musicians, writers and inventors. Rather than launch the new site, its creator and members want to ‘land’ it.

The site is centered on the concept of a satellite that represents the distinct aspects of the community. Observing from orbit, it reveals global issues, invites creative collaboration, and broadcasts solutions. The Rotator is based on Native American dream catchers as it provides hope and a vehicle for positive change.

“We’re not a Facebook or MySpace, but an ‘innovation network,” executive producer and founder Willi Paul relates. challenges members to go beyond the upload soap opera of social networks, to facilitate collaboration and build the next ‘world after oil’, a new green ethic beyond corporate greed and failed world governments.

What Can You Do in

At, you can upload and find green and innovative ideas, companies and people. You can show off your work, test an idea, start a discussion, and seek-out partners for projects and start-ups. And you can learn about, promote and develop new sustainable products and services. Members can take part in an art happening, research deep into the site’s data base and sit in on the Event Circle, the bi-weekly presenters forum.

By gathering so many creative people, challenged about how to create a greener planet, the innovation network hopes to accelerate the adoption of better ways of managing our world. The community hopes to shift the planet’s course, from self destruction to a sustainable tomorrow.

“ has created a place on the web where creative thinkers and doers can collaborate and address big picture issues. Eric Needle, Longbow’s front man relates. By bringing together inventors, artists, writers, and musicians, the brand creates a different kind of social network based on awareness and action. is more than a resume-blaster or place to play games with your 500 best friends; it’s a place where thinkers can turn ideas into action.”

About the Founder

Willi Paul is a writer, artist and innovator. A Sustainability Program Design Consultant, based in Oakland, California, he also serves as Director of Sustainability for, and is the featured columnist for He is writing a novella for kids about life after oil in northern California called “AOL GreenLoc”, CA. He invented the precursor to the online community called the electronic charrette in 1996. His ePortfolio is at

Willi Paul reveals the mission: “ is focused on creative, sustainable solutions and we invite artists, musicians, writers and inventors from across the planet to share their work, offer critique and form new bonds and enterprises.”


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