Managing the News

News is a powerful medium.

It can help tell your story and illustrate who you are, who you’ve worked with, and where you’re going. And yet, many organizations don’t effectively use public relations to communicate.

The press release is a simple tool that helps get the word out. Using news as a part of your marketing strategy has many benefits, yet it’s often hard to quantify them or get the bean counters to foot the bill. I tell you today, though, that I’ve found news to be much more effective than advertising.

Depending on your industry, there are armies of people who get paid to point out successes and failures in the business world. Each niche audience has spawned huge assortments of trade publications, newsletters, portals, directories and eZines to talk about trends. From local chambers of commerce to regional and state magazines to national cable news, everyone is hungry for information. In business, a little knowledge on trends, statistics — and what the other guy is doing — can make or break you.

Understanding that media exists, understanding your market and you place in it, how do you take advantage of all this? How can you rise above the static and get noticed?

One company, Amphion Innovations, has done an amazing job at using news to tell their story. Using a focused, hands-on company building approach, Amphion Innovations builds shareholder value in high growth companies in the medical and technology sectors. The people at Amphion “get it” when it comes to PR.


While the newsworthiness of any article or release is important, not every item is meant to get ink. By reading through the News and articles on the Amphion site, we discover who they are. Like a timeline that shows all the people they’ve worked with, you get a glimpse into who they are–and why you would trust them or want to invest in their companies.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Charlie Morgan and the crew at Amphion since the late 1990’s. Entrusted with their website, we recently rebuilt the entire site and manage the way they present their news online.

To ignore News and Public relations is a missed opportunity. From writing press releases to archiving your history, trade show strategies to placing your news, we can help you promote your organization. What can do for your business?

Visit the Amphion Innovation website here at

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