Integrated Marketing includes Site, Print and Outreach

Consistency across all media

For this medical device hardware provider, DTx needed to unify all the materials and tools they use to talk to their customers and prospects.

Longbow believes in integrated marketing. Integrated Marketing is a catch phrase that simply means, all your promotional tools and communications are in sync and follow the same style guidelines. Being “on-brand” is critical for any company, and we talk about integrated marketing at Longbow because it’s fundamental to the way we do business—and save you money.

Different media means different design sensibilities. What sounds simple is hard to pull off. Web and digital have different calls to action than a print piece. An ad in a magazine or local Business Journal need to elicit a response that’s not the same online or on your social channels. Add trade show to the mix and all bets are off. Each media requires different outcomes, but the creative can all start from one source. And that’s where we save you time and money.

So how do we do that? At Longbow, we’re a creative services firm. We’re the people you, and often agencies, turn to when they need cutting edge design, especially in different media, like print, digital or presentation. Advertising and news, public and community relations all play a part.

We start off with one body of work—one creative session, and that’s the key. Whether we begin with a website design, sales collateral or event display, we hone in on your identity, your logo and the visual cues and styles that are core to your image. From this baseline, we then develop everything you need, as you need it.


For DTx, we leveraged one creative body of work, including photo shoots of their lean production facility, products and staff—building an updated website, print, sales collateral, point of sale and event display.

After that, we worked with their Marketing Manager to get ink in local papers—Orlando Sentinel, Orlando Business Journal and trade publications. This work shows how we can be an integral extension of your team and work in many channels to promote your business.

What about your organization—Can you use a boost to your marketing and lead generation?

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