eMarketing and Outreach

As a medium, the internet is the most cost effective way to communicate with your users, customers, prospects and clients.

Social media is the marketing buzz-word of the day, but unless you create content—unless you are making valuable news and resources available to your subscribers, then you’ve got nothing relevant to say.

For Availity, a healthcare information network, Eric led the charge, directing their outreach and user communications from 2009-2010.

From text heavy alert messages, we changed the way they spoke to their customers and prospects. Instead of blindly expecting our users to tune in, we created compelling messaging that addressed their needs and packaged it more like advertising than boring, technical alerts. Using visual ePostcards that linked back to their site, we projected a visual message that addressed needs. With simple linking to informative pages on the marketing website, usage was easily measured.

We also changed the scope of the main newsletter, eFocus. Originally created to communicate changes in the service, it really just told users what was wrong with Availity.

Changing it’s tone and perspective, we presented solutions and highlighted growth and expansion. Availity now talked about better serving their users—and addressing needs. Designing it with more visual appeal, we made it easily navigable and wrote items as stories. And by highlighting help desk employees with a monthly spotlight, we put a face on the people who solved customer problems, showing the expertise of our amazing call center. Soon after, the company adopted a “Voice of the Customer” campaign to understand its users.

For Availity, we created new communication channels, refined how they used traditional tools, and changed the tone of the conversation, from problems to solutions. What you say and how you say it makes all the difference.

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