Designing an e-Storefront

Focusing your site.

Sites, and eCommerce sites in general, are an opportunity for a business to focus their offerings. When building an online storefront for Custom Engraving Company, we were challenged with an enormous task. How do you take all the products and services that the enterprise offers and organize it so customers can understand it?

The heart of Custom Engraving Company is their incredible expertise and experience in the engraving business. Over the past 25 years, they have created a pantheon of brands and websites which promote their offerings. From the very focused, which markets car focused personalized items, to Imprint Promotions, it’s promotional products brand the central concept of personalization keeps customers flocking to the company’s websites.

The company also manages retail venues, event services, and sells a collection of products, from team sports items to flags of the world; from it’s custom sign shop to vehicle wraps; from wedding stationary to business cards… and the list goes on and on. It’s natural to want to show the world every possible offering, but on the web, focus is the key.

Choosing Magnento is about engraving. From things that can be engraved to the machines that do it, the challenge here was to create a store that could naturally focus all they do.

For this client, Magento was the platform that made perfect sense. We went to great effort to build custom attributes. We added dimensions to show the size of the surface area you could engrave as well as the types of materials you can engrave on, and additional data. And using Magento’s, compare products feature, customers and sales execs were able to determine the right machine for the need.

Eric and Longbow were able to take a problem—replacing an aging shopping cart, with a solution that drove value to both the client and their customers. We go above and beyond. What can we do for you?

Developing eCommerce solutions on Magento and other platforms since 2008, what can we do for your business? From managing your cart, products and promotions to SEO, newsletters and outreach, we’d love to be a resource to your team.

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