How you communicate during a crisis
—can make or break you.

Don’t wait for disaster to strike, create a communication plan and contingencies, before things get out of hand.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. —Benjamin Franklin

Research, Analyze, and Plan. Write, Publish, and Promote.

At Longbow, we’re adept at corporate communications, marketing planning and strategic thinking. That’s why our legal name is Longbow Strategic Group.

Brainstorming and problem solving is central to how we work. We’ve found that a few, well planned, contingencies can guide your organization through a crisis, and offer our crisis management services to our clients. Just thinking about how you should best handle crisis, before an emergency hits, can prove invaluable. And just like we think of business continuity, disaster planning, backup and recovery from an IT perspective, thinking how you should best react in crisis works much better before disaster strikes.

A time of crisis is full on anxiety and immediate tactical concerns. Thinking strategically just isn’t possible in the heat of the moment.

For more information, contact us and see how we can quickly provide planning and communications to lead you through your next crisis.