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Social Media is more than posting on Facebook, using Twitter, and pinning favorites on Pinterest.

social media

We create social proof that boosts site and page rank, builds rapport with your users, and drives qualified traffic. Social media is more than pushing content—it’s connecting with your fans. We’ve been providing and producing social media for clients since 2004. Adept in using LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo and other major social channels.

Social Media opens a two-way communication channel with your customers.

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Key offerings include…

StrategySocial Media Strategy

We help define the purpose, goals and rationale for each channel you use. Once we define the “why”, we help you setup the policies and best practices to really manage the way you use social. This sets the tone for all your social outreach. Tied to reporting and analytics, we measure progress towards goals.


We setup each channel, full of custom content, optimized for your audience.


Once social channels are setup properly, campaigns are how we deploy services, with concise, measurable goals. Examples include content, outreach, product offerings, seasonal, special offers, news and more. Social Campaigns are tactical outreach, each with its own goals. These include content, visuals, photo, video, influencers—all designed to speak to an audience and deliver results. All created to build your audience.

Content MarketingContent Marketing

We help define your content strategy and create the plan to reach your goals. Content includes writing and editing, SEO optimization, conversion goals and more. It’s stories and articles, sales decks and presentations, product collateral and corporate branding, graphic design, video and more. Working with marketing automation requires that you have a continual stream of relevant content. We help build the mechanism that creates good rich content—and have been doing this for our clients for years.

ArticlesWriting articles, promoting and publishing

Content is made for search. Organic content is tailor-made for Google, Bing and other search engines that drive interested users to your site. Beyond search, formatted content drives our site quality score and landing page rank, making paid advertising easier, more effective and more efficient.

Advertising on Social Channels

Paid advertising is the other side of the content coin. We manage your accounts and ad campaigns. We can use your creative or make fresh new ads and landing pages. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more—we help define, manage and measure the effectiveness of your PPC accounts. Step one is to understand your audience and where they live, where they go for information. Step two is to brainstorm and test, relentlessly focused on performance. We determine what works and build your paid ads to drive results.


PromotionWe offer extensive services, from ads and landing pages to content marketing for organic search. And don’t forget building and managing opt-in mailing lists for newsletters, seasonal outreach and special offers. How often do you reconnect with customer? Catalogs and seasonal keeps you front of mind.

Connected to your social media, building audience share and rapport with customers is critical. From articles and posts to reviews and influencer campaigns—all build social proof for better page and site rank. Managing social, search and paid, we help you be more successful.

Traditional advertising, print and direct mail are also options. Experts at targeted marketing, we help you understand who your customers are and better speak to them with timely, relevant outreach.

See what we’ve done for online retailer, Jill-e. Armed with amazing photography from an Instagram influencer campaign, we created this mini catalog concept, Jill-e Lookbook. Click and see.

Jill-e Lookbook

Promotion is essential. Everyone wants automated marketing and inbound like Hubspot, Marketo or Pardot, but without excellent content, what are you saying? We can help you create a process for repeatable, original content.

Connect with your audience via Social Media

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