Custom Branded Items

One of the most effective ways to advertise is with promotional items


Because of our relationships in the promo world, we work intelligently to stay within your budget and provide more bang for your buck. Working with Longbow has many advantages for our clients. Our approach is long term. We know that as a trusted resource, we provide sweeping marketing services to the people we work with.

We’ve been working in the promotional products and services 2008.


Browse these catalogs, from some of our favorite, and best quality, vendors. We help you decorate them, from adding your logo to customizing them to your heart’s content.

Custom Decals

Promo works.

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Designing and Managing Promo

Branded items are a classic marketing staple.


Corporate clients and Marketing Managers can rely on us to help them save time and energy finding quality branded items. Longbow provides expert access to promotional items. Well aware of what’s available, we’re connected to a variety of vendors and manufacturers and can quickly help you design and secure promotional, branded items that support all you do.

From apparel to embroidery, pens to flashlights, USB sticks to the perfect personalized executive gifts, we have been helping provide incentive and name recognition to corporate clients since 1998.

With expertise in graphic design and forte in branding, we’ve helped many organizations save time and money with items that work to promote you.

The Promo world is flooded with cheap junk. If your brand uses Oriental Trading to promote, then ‘quality’ is not the word your prospects will associate with your products and services. As branding experts, we have a great sense of what you should be using to promote—items that reflect your brand and keep you in the mind of prospects. Use promo to strengthen your image, not cheapen it.