The art of the pitch

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How you present can make the deal or break it. From a sales deck personalized for one client to an investor relations pitch, your presentations are worth refining.

How much effort does it take to get in front of each client, prospect or audience? What did it take to get you here? Your presentation often is the culmination of many hours of work. How it’s presented is important. At Longbow, we’ve been using PowerPoint and web technologies for presentation for over almost 20 years. Use our experience to your advantage.

Simple, Effective PowerPoint

Presentation building is often inexpensive—especially when we’ve worked on other materials for you.

Branding is the consistent projection of your image. Your PPT’s should look like your website and your printed materials. Whether you simply need a revamped template or dedicated support, we’re quite adept.

Writing, editing, word-smithing and messaging—are all services we provide, all depending on your needs.

When it matters, use Longbow for presentations with impact.

Contact Us  and let’s get this show on the road.

Need help with PowerPoint?

We give workshops to small groups on how to use PowerPoint more effectively. In truth, this application is a dull, butter knife, that the modern presenter is expected to perform surgery with. Hidden and buried within it’s interface, PowerPoint actually has an array of powerful tools. We help you access and manage them. We share best practices on giving a presentation—and designing one that works.