Clean and concise, messaging is the headline

If I don’t get your attention, the opportunity is lost.

We find that many organizations have their acts together; With abundant, great content, clients often need some help refining or updating copy. When we work on identity, promotional pieces, news releases and collateral, the bulk of the content is there. And sometimes content needs to be better written to speak to a new audience or industry. The gold is in there, but it needs something extra to extract it, purify it. That’s where messaging comes in.

Messaging simply means the words we use to get your point across. It’s the pitch, the hook, the headline and the initiator, all designed to grab the readers attention and get them interested in the details. Messaging is mission critical.

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Tag Line

Another great item is the tag line, or slogan. From your company to product, people scan and make conclusions about your brand very quickly. The Tag Line helps us to help identify what we do, what need we fill. Quick, concise, we have seconds to make an impress.

Brand Promise

brand promiseAn important part for your image, we also call it your brand promise.

More than a mission statement, a brand promise says what you do, for whom, and why you’re different. It’s your promise to your customers. It should represent your values, beliefs and vision.

To start out, fill in the blanks.
We are the company that does _____ for _____ because _____.

Longbow is a boutique marketing agency focused on brand, content and digital for a select group of clients who make a difference.

Then we work to refine it to it’s purest form. Then we infuse the spirit and intention behind our promise into all our materials.

Examples of great Brand Promise

  • BMW is the Ultimate Driving Machine
  • Nike’s mission statement is, to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.
  • Apple, Think Different
  • GE, We brings good things to life

Talking Points

talking pointsIn media, messaging is often boiled down to talking points. You can tell someone who’s been media trained, when they’re being interviewed and keep bringing the discussion back to their main talking points. In the corporate world, we want to stay on message. Taken beyond the news grilling someone under the gun, it’s important to stay focused. Messaging does this.

When we write articles, we use formulas that address needs and concerns in a logical format. Again this is messaging. It’s a key part of the way we write—and often why we’re successful content marketers.

Messaging provides focuses and introduces you to your brand.

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Gimme the pitch

What’s your story?

You meet someone and are asked what you do. You have ten seconds, what’s your story?

If you can’t come up with something off the top of your head, then you haven’t spent the time refining your message. If you get ten different answers from eight different leaders in your company, then it’s an identity crisis. Not only are you confused, chances are, your audience doesn’t understand what you’re selling.

To formulate your message, we work with you to pull out the best talking points, the key differentiators, the nuggets of gold that quickly and concisely sum up all you are and what you offer your prospects. When the message is hammered out and tempered, the promotion becomes second nature.

Longbow is focused on message—we’re experts at refining yours.