What does your brand stand for?

Identity, simply put, is your image.

Not just a logo, more than the colors, the fonts, and the art–it’s the perception people get when they see your materials. It’s all your company stands for, produces, and means in the eyes of your customers. At a glance, it tells your story.

Longbow is a branding agency. Everything we create revolves around your image–it’s who you are. Whether we’re branding your organization or the products and service you create, we’re adept at managing your image.

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Identity visually communicates your brand

Consistency, for the win.

Every document that comes from your organization should project a clear, concise message. It should reinforce your identity. That’s branding.

When materials are inconsistent, it creates confusion. Keeping your focus is critical. Changing colors, styles, even placement takes away from the sharp image you want to project. Identity managed well makes your firm look world class… and that’s the goal. When you put out one unified image to your audience, they hear the message–loud and clear.

Longbow excels at creating, refining and refocusing all your materials. We have created hundreds of corporate and product logos. We believe in the power of branding and consciously understand the psychological impact that color and design have upon us. Integrated marketing–deploying consistent tone and message across all media–not only makes sense for your identity, it costs less. One body of work, one creative session can be used in everything that comes from your organization. It promotes visual unity and a sense of professional integrity. It says, we have our act together–all our people are on the same page.

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We have managed corporate identity for many organizations. From initial logo creation to style guides that promote consistency, we have all the bases covered.