Design communicates volumes

All good design does one thing—it focuses attention on the right place.

All we’re trying to say with marketing shows up in design. From subconscious reaction to color and fontography, to clean, clear navigation on your site, the way all the pieces fit together really matters. We’re designers at heart, yet over the years we’ve learned that design without content and purpose isn’t enough. The key to any project is a balance between the critical need to get that information out and how all the rest falls together in place.

It’s easy to tell us that design doesn’t matter, but we all can quickly point out the difference between a website that works well, and one that is confusing and unintelligible: That’s design.

We can quickly say, focus on the promotion–skip the design stage, but we can all remember an ad campaign we saw years ago that moved us. Often you can’t say why. Again, it’s design.

“Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.”
—Andy Warhol

Tap into our Creative Design

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Does Publix sell summer Florida days, a mother serving cool lemonade in a yellow gingham dress, a dad relaxing on a hammock over a freshly cut lawn, or do they sell groceries. Memorable, visual, more than words.

What does your logo, your print materials and your website say about you? This question is what’s brought you here to our site, today.

At Longbow we’re passionate about our craft. We think our work speaks for itself. If you agree, reach out and see how we can elevate your brand and increase your visibility.