Clean Corporate Image in All Media

Integrated Marketing is speaking in the same voice, in all media to project a consistent message.

With Corporate identity, it is critical to stay on task and keep all your marketing collateral and outreach on theme. Everything a customer or prospect sees need to be consistent. It needs to project the same values and messaging. The user should subconsciously know it comes from you. Everything we do at is focused on this—continual brand reinforcement and promotion. That’s the Brand and Content we talk about.

When we use different styles or speak in a different tone, we confuse. From your website, to print, advertising to social media, trade show display to presentation, your image is stronger when it’s consistent. That’s what branding is all about.

When Mantas connected with us, they needed an image overhaul that included messaging, an updated look and feel and overall–consistency. So often, we are called in to work on one particular project, but to be consistent, the designers and wordsmiths need to be on the same page.

What began as a need for print design quickly overflowed to internet, presentation and trade show materials. And that’s where we shine. Once creative session can be expensive, but when you can leverage stellar work over a whole season’s worth of campaign, it makes perfect sense.

At Longbow we are focused on your big picture. When you have a vision of who you are and a direction of where you want to be, everything you do to can communicate this. Strategic foresight to fill an immediate, tactical needs, create clean, corporate image—in all media.

Integrated Marketing is all about the Brand.

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Mantas went on to be acquired by Oracle as part of their anti-money laundering solutions for the banking industry.