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eMarketing and Outreach

As a medium, the internet is the most cost effective way to communicate with your users, customers, prospects and clients.

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Social Media Powered Outreach

Restaurants and just about everywhere people cook food, use fryers. From french fries to tortillas, egg rolls to onion rings, all use vegetable oil. Sooner rather than later, that oil needs to get swapped for clean stuff and that’s where Green Futures comes in.

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Designing an e-Storefront

Sites and eCommerce sites, in general, are an opportunity for a business to focus their offerings. When building an e Storefront for Custom Engraving Company, we were challenged with an enormous task.

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Clean Corporate Image in All Media

Integrated Marketing is speaking in the same voice, in all media to project a consistent message. With Corporate identity, it is critical to stay on task and keep all your marketing collateral and outreach on theme.

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Building Credibility

A consultancy is built on credibility. Even with perfect timing, being in the right market and knowing your stuff, the difference between eking it out and great success can be a fine line.

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Third Generation Portal

Longbow announces the launch of GreenFtLauderdale.com, the third generation platform powering its green focused web communities.

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The Power of Being Different

How do you show the world that you’re different? Understanding what sets you apart from the competition is the key to marketing your brand.

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Building Niche With A Directory

Giant3 partners launch Get Green Directory, an online resource that connects people who care about what’s happening to the world they live in with businesses and organizations doing good things.

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Managing the News

News is a very powerful medium. It can help tell your story and illustrate who you are, who you’ve worked with, and where you’re going. And yet, many organizations don’t effectively use public relations to communicate.