Building Niche With A Directory

Member directories drive traffic

Longbow and partners launch Get Green Directory, an online resource that promotes Green businesses. Sustainability-minded businesses care about what’s happening to the world they live in. Connected to the green building industry and the health and wellness worlds, Get Green Directory is built in sync with the Get Green Today Expo series.

How do you show that your business cares?

How can you tell your story, spread the word, about the good work, products and services you deliver? Get Green Directory is a relevant, online resource that helps bring together people who are working for a cleaner, greener tomorrow.

“We’ve built directories before”, Eric Needle, from Longbow relates. “Adding an ongoing series of Expos to drive the Get Green Directory, creates real value and opportunity for advertisers. Constant promotion gets us in front of customers and keeps us in the public eye. That’s how we raise awareness and promote sustainable products and services”.


Other ventures, and blog the events live, writing about exhibitors.

“Like spokes of a wheel, we’ve created a network of sites that cross promote and increase our communication relevancy, building more value to our advertisers,” Needle adds. “Using many media channels creates a marketing platform that is much more effective for our clients”.


Directories are still a viable offering.

Get Started and see how we can help.

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