Building Credibility

A consultancy is built on credibility.

Even with perfect timing, being in the right market and knowing your stuff, the difference between eking it out and great success can be a fine line.

In 2001, the healthcare world was focused on legislation that would change the way hospitals, doctors and insurance companies would do business. HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, was looming as real deadlines had to be met. Patient practices had to manage patient’s information properly, or face steep fines and potential litigation.

Insight into what this would mean for healthcare was not a common commodity. With expertise in the space, including efforts to shape the legislation, Principal Mariann Yeager was building a practice that helped hospitals and physician groups get a handle on what HIPAA might mean for them.

Working with Mariann at a tech incubator, and familiar with the space, Longbow was asked to build a brand that could leverage expertise into a sustainable business. In the space of three months, became Emerson Strategic Group—and the began to consult with hospitals and provider offices about HIPAA and how it effected healthcare practices. From proper management of confidential patient information to office best practices, we built up this consultancy by establishing the principal as a credible expert, building a speaking campaign and creating a suite of products that promoted best practices.

Brand Experts

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We designed Emerson’s identity and brand. Emerson was Mariann’s maiden name and ties to the famous author, Ralph Waldo Emerson, contributed to give flavor and stability. Old world charm for a firm that was bringing health care into the paperless age? The irony was apparent to us. With branding taking shape, we dug into Emerson Strategic Group’s internet efforts. Even in 2001 we were focused on search. And in a far less crowded market, we were able to bring considerable attention to the consultancy.

Then our sights were focused on product and we were instrumental in the creation and production of the HIPAAWise product suite which helped establish the principal as an expert in HIPAA legislation and implementation.

Emerson Strategic Group

Often the work we perform provides insight into refining your business. For this healthcare consultant, we identified revenue streams that built credibility and created a product line that raised the bar for the industry.

Mariann Yeager, Emerson SG’s President, stated, “Eric’s work is exceptional. He designed and created Emerson’s marketing portfolio, including the image, logo, web site, messaging and collateral. Eric is unique in his ability to combine creative genius and strategic thinking.”

From corporate image to product identity, outreach and execution, we built a brand that made a difference at a crucial time. Emerson was acquired in 2005.

Branding, Corporate Image and Product Identity

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