Doing our best to ensure that everyone can use your website is a real concern.

We care about our clients and visitors to—and are going to great lengths to make sure the site is easily accessible.

If you have problems on our site, please let us know. We work hard to make relevant, well designed sites, and if you can’t access it, then please let us know how we can improve.

Requirements, based on the Americans with Disabilities Act* (ADA), we follow evolving best practices and guidelines set by the W3C, an industry group that we’ve been following for as long as we’ve built websites. The challenges are huge. Technology is constantly changing. WordPress and the plugin community is continually innovating. We adapt with it and accessibility is a major concern for us.

* For more information on ADA, visit

Do you run or manage a website?

The main question site owners have to ask is, does your site work for all your users?

We provide a suite of services to help you improve your site’s accessibility.

Accessibility Audit

An audit helps you understand the current state of your site and how well you are complying with accessibility standards and ADA.

Audits generate task lists, that show each and every item you should address. These range from simple scans using third party tools, to visual inspections, based on our years of experience in site design, WordPress, and validating code.

We report our findings and offer recommendations as well as an estimate for our team to make corrections. You are also welcome to take this list back to your web designers. An independent audit, is a good idea.

We’re also experts in WordPress security and maintenance. Contact us if you need assistance.

A Simple Solution: Making your site more accessible

Before we get ahead of ourselves, it’s really important to note, the fix can be a simple one. Our site, for instance, provides great functionality, giving sight impaired users more options when visiting your site.

In the lower left corner of our site, you’ll note an icon, which stands for accessibility.

Click the icon, access the Accessibility Menu and see the options. Click, Read Page to see the screen reader we’ve installed,

While this addresses many concerns, there’s more we can do. Using a tool like this is a great start and we follow through by providing other best practices built into your site.

Often, it’s just time for a new site. WordPress themes and code gets dated. We’re now building new sites with Accessibility features built in—scanning our sites as we build, and designing with contrast, fonts size, and spacing in mind, to alleviate any issues down the road.

Designers need to design with their clients in mind, and making sure websites for sight-impaired users isn’t just being nice, it’s good business.