Powerful, precise, accurate—the English Longbow reigns as the king of archery, boasting ranges nearly twice that of its competitors and giving the English a distinct advantage during the Hundred Years War. Skilled longbowmen could hit their targets from 300 yards with accuracy. Dating back to the early 12th Century, its reliability carried it throughout history, with official use as recent as World War II.


Just as an archer nocks an arrow and takes aim, we focus your marketing efforts—and with pinpoint accuracy, direct them to your intended audience.

You have to aim to hit your target.

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Targeted Marketing

You have to aim to hot your target

When we identify who buys your products and services, when we craft every message, ad and campaign with them in mind, we see results. By building and tuning your site, optimizing your content for search and powered by analytics, we learn what works and channel your campaigns for maximum effect. We stop wasting efforts and energy. We focus your marketing with measurable results.

Understand your market, identify each audience and line up each bull’s eye, for more value in your promotion and advertising efforts. With every target, we aim at specific goals. Powered by data and analysis, we fine tune your outreach.  Through branding, original content, and digital marketing, we carefully aim and help you hit your mark.

We chose the name Longbow because we believe in and deliver targeted marketing.

Advertising can be wasteful. Often you shout your message to thousands of people, hoping you’ll connect with one or two prospects. By targeting our efforts, we provide focus, saving you time and money.

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