What’s a Boutique Marketing Agency?

We do Advertising, Marketing, and Promotion.

aboutique marketing agency

We talk about marketing, more than advertising because to us, that puts the emphasis on the strategic nature of what we do. Focused on your brand, we create content and excel at digital marketing.

Boutique, describes our focus.

A boutique is small—and it’s all about you, the customer.

The more we learn about you and your market, the better we’re able to serve you. I learned that for us to be effective, for our work to really perform, we have to go deep. That means, understanding who you are and what you aspire to be. When we can research your industry and check out your competition, we discover what makes you special, unique.

How are you different?

Why should someone use you over another company? You can’t figure this out with a quick scan and that’s why so many people get tired of playing the advertising agency game. I’ve managed plenty of agencies over my corporate career. The hardest thing to manage is the learning curve.

It takes time to get up to speed. It takes focus to learn about what makes you different.

Our process gives us a deep understanding of your business. Marketing is an investment. We need to deliver a return and Longbow does that through research.

Agencies with tactical focus deal in volume, churn and burn.
Our attention is long term.

That’s what makes working with Longbow different—and why we don’t push sales, mark up vendors, or price gouge.

With each project we build trust and prove value. We won’t over promise and under deliver. Our goal is to focus on clients who are committed to building their brands. That’s how we work.

We go very deep, for a select group of clients.
Your business deserves no less.

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Longbow is an extension of your marketing department.

We often work with owners and senior staff, marketing directors and managers. We augment your team.

If you’re always in fire drill mode, hopping from one tactical issue to the next, then you need help. Our process is inclusive. We work with you to refine ideas and better execute campaigns. From research and analytics to marketing planning, we help you see the bigger picture and capitalize on all the details you may be missing.

Writing and editing, we can better search optimize your sites and improve conversions. And our inhouse graphic design and illustration skills can quickly create unique visuals to get your message across.

The agency model thrives because of the relationships we build.

If you feel like you have to take a number to get service, it might be time to give us a call. If you’re not sure how effective your efforts are, then it’s time to evaluate where you’re at.

At Longbow, we’d rather be small and effective, than a big monster agency. If you want this kind of attention focused on your enterprise, then we look forward to working with you.

A better model for marketing and advertising

Smaller is better.

boutiquebou·tique /boot-EEK/

A business that serves a sophisticated or specialized clientele.
“A small investment boutique”

marketingmar·ket·ing /mark-eh-TING/

The action or business of promoting products or services, including market research, outreach and advertising.

agencya·gen·cy /AY-jen-see/

A business or organization established to provide a particular service, typically one that involves organizing transactions between two other parties.
“An advertising agency”

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