The Power of Being Different

Differentiating your business. Contrast is Critical.

How do you show the world that you’re different from all the rest? We live in a noisy, over-hyped, world full of flashy media and push advertising. I can barely tune in to media anymore and many people are turning off cable entirely. The rise of the internet is slowly pushing tv and radio out of the picture. In efforts to keep pace, big media pushes back harder and harder. From deflated newspapers to big tv’s loss of influence, the net result is the tabloid-ization of what is left. To compete, to retain their market share, everyone is yelling louder, turning up the volume… and saying less and less.

So how do you rise above the noise?

How do you get people to notice what your organization is doing? In marketing we call it differentiation. Not only do you have to be creative, you need to understand your market, in order to stand out from the other guys.

In a crunched housing market, one builder is doing just fine. It’s not because of a random marketing exercise, but rather through their passion for their trade. Passion is the best differentiator. When you love what you do it permeates every part of your business.


Evergreen Building and Development is a small, custom home builder, working just north of the Jacksonville metro area. What makes Evergreen different is their experience in green building and their will to translate energy efficiency into houses people can afford. With a history of promoting sustainable development and find raising, since 2003, they’ve discovered financing options that make it all possible.

Being different in the residential building space means building what people really need: low power bills and water efficiency, both critical in Georgia and North Florida. It’s not leading edge California home designs, rather applying the best materials, practices and principals. It’s smart building.

We think this budding home builder is on the right track and built an identity and internet presence that connects the right product with the right audience.

Are you a builder? What makes your work different from others? Set yourself apart from the crowd, with a little help from Longow.

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