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Let’s Get Down to Earth, Real Fast with PlanetShifter

We can all feel it. Instinctively many of us try and reach out to do something positive. Often, those efforts seem to hit a brick wall. We see problems. We hear and read rumors about solutions, but nothing ever seems to trickle down into the hands of the people. We feel stuck fifty years in the past.

Despite the computer revolution, cars got better fuel efficiency in 1975. The batteries that power them are using technology created during World War I. What’s the disconnect? And how can we re-wire the planet? How can we bring invention and innovation, sustainable solutions and a concern about our future directly to the inhabitants of Planet Earth?

The key is collaboration and innovation–Enter

By gathering new idea-driven artists, writers, musicians, and inventors, sets the stage to be more than a face forum, creating what we call an “innovation network”. Connecting green and innovation to those who can spread the word is a key element not found in current social networks. We are creating an action network, a proactive group of doers and speakers. A SmartGroup of creative souls that bypass the din of a failing mass media.

What Can You Do in

At, you can upload and find green and innovative ideas, companies and people. You can show off your work, test an idea, start a discussion, and seek-out partners for projects and start-ups. And you can learn about, promote and develop new sustainable products and services. Members can take part in an art happening, research deep into the site’s data base and sit in on the Event Circle, the bi-weekly presenters forum.

This is Your Wake-up Call

1.) Go to and sign up as a member. Grab the How to Collaborate Guide and dig in!
2.) Show us your art, give up a song, or write about how you get the strength to get up every morning and battle the status quo, to do what is right.
3.) Become a Event Circle Presenter and use the platform to promote sustainability and inspire others to action. Bring up problems you see, reveal opportunities and solutions and share success stories.



For more information contact
Willi Paul, Executive Producer

Eric Needle, Media Contact

About Willi Paul
Willi Paul is a writer, artist and innovator. A Sustainability Program Design Consultant, based in Oakland, California, he also serves as Director of Sustainability for, and is the featured columnist for He is writing a novella for kids about life after oil in northern California called “AOL GreenLoc”, CA. And Willi invented the precursor to the online community called the electronic charrette in 1996. Visit his ePortfolio at

For more information on how we can help you spread the word, reach out via the contact form below.

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