Do-it-yourself Marketing in a Noisy Marketplace

The word advertising means something different to everyone. Ad Fed, the American Advertising Federation, understands one common theme—if you’re in business, you’re in advertising. People who own, run, and manage small business in America are the ones who drive advertising.

I’m not talking Super Bowl ads, I mean Mom and Pops, Small Business, people like you and me who deal with one question every day: How do I grow my business?

Ad Fed is about growing your business.

With over 40,000 members nationally, our member-based organization comprises people from every discipline, promoting local business: It’s more than just Ad Agencies. Our members include people in advertising, marketing, public relations and media. Creatives and copywriters, art directors and marketing managers. But that’s just the beginning. Every ancillary business, from printers to web designers, SEO gurus to promotional product vendors, video to audio and everyone in between. The magic of Ad Fed, is that we form a collaborative group of people.

There are a variety of amazing trade organizations. They are usually very focused on one discipline. Ad Fed, is where we all gather, to better serve our clients. To grow business.

Just today, a client said, “Eric, I need to add video to our site and social channels.” I don’t do video. Rather than tell them, “good luck”, I connected with members of my club and in 15 minutes had a quote. And not a retail quote, but a great price because of my relationships.

Through Ad Fed, I can offer my clients access to every aspect of promoting their business. Ad Fed is about growth. For me, it makes sense to connect my clients with great people, instead of poorly trying to shoot and edit video, for a customer I care about.

Do-it-yourself advertising is dead

I’ve seen many trends over my 20 year career in advertising and marketing. As we climb out of recession, I still see so many business owners who try to do everything themselves. I call it, the age of “do-it-yourself” advertising. Modern toolsets have become so advanced, that we can all pick up an app and build a website. We can make our own logo, send our own bulk email, build newsletters and get business cards printed.

Your time is limited. At what point does quality and efficiency come into play?

We rely on specialists because every task is nuanced. A pro, who specializes in digital can save you money on every ad buy. When you go straight to Google or a local magazine publisher, you pay retail. Organic search changes every week. Think you’re up on the latest trends in content marketing? I could go on.

A Noisy Marketplace

Most important—while it seems the need for people to help us promote our business is no longer an issue… what we don’t see, is that every market is flooded with noise. Everyone is yelling for attention. And we have trained ourselves to ignore it all. So how do you make advertising work for you?

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New specialties arise. You need SEO, inbound marketing, outbound campaigns and expensive toolsets to manage it all or even automate.

Now the noise is automated.

When times were harder, we rightly struggled for every advantage. We saved on every task and expense. Yet, as we come out of poor economic times—each and every business is confronted with more competition, all vying for the consumer’s dollar.

And still, we’re bombarded with pitches, offers, and promises that seem so easy. We know they’re too good to be true, but still waste time and resources on a quick fix. One low monthly price and business magically rolls in the door. Does this sound familiar?

The reality, there’s a place where trusted professionals can help you build your business. We’re members of your community, vested in mutual success.

In Florida’s Space Coast, we gather in one place, regularly. When you come to the realization that you need to do something different, we’ll be here.

For more information, read this recent article in Brevard Business News, posted on our site. or visit us at and meet up at our next event.