Clean Internet Design

As designers who build websites, often the most noticable things we do for our clients are not visual. What makes a really good website? Building the world wide web since 1994, we know it’s more than pretty pictures or flashy logos. What Longbow is most effective at, is managing all your information.

Scalable Graphics For All Media

Many of our clients need illustration and more often and not, it’s in a rushed scenario. Though Photoshop and raster image editors are great in a pinch, the power of vector drawing is worth the extra energy. Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand and Corel Draw have long been valuable tools in the artist’s quiver. The value and reason for making vector art, though, is in the application.

Less Is More With Greener Print

How can less be more? The way you use print can show more than your advertising message. It can show your organization’s values. How do you communicate who you are? Sure, we use print and the Internet–every organization spends time and resources to show what they do. Good design can show much more though. When you think about the way you use print, when we’re conscious about how we use resources and their impact, it’s visible.

Communicating Community

How does an organization reach its base, project’s its message, build support and fulfill its mission? You do all this and more with communications. Communications means all the media we can use. Using the Internet, communications can create, build and nurture community.

Messaging that Grabs

Messaging quickly communicates, grabs and keeps your attention, and is a critical factor is the way to speak to your audiences. Headline news is the de-facto standard in our over-communicated society. To be seen, message needs to be concise, to the point, and simply worth reading.

Projecting Your Brand

The word branding has become commonplace, yet few organizations really tap into the full potential of their brands. Branding is really a very simple practice. Ranchers of the American frontiers marked their cattle with a distinctive mark, a brand, to be able to tell them apart at a crowded marketplace. Today, your brand is no different.

Designing Print That Works

So often, brochures and printed materials are made at great expense, but do not work towards your overall goals. Each document that comes from your organization are opportunities to reinforce your brand, your message and your vision of who you are.