Building your Brand

This webinar was live on Wednesday, November 29, 2017 at 1pm ET for Interactive Legal’s Roundtable Event—Building your Brand, in 2018.

benefits-of- the-addy-award

The Benefits of Addy Awards

Sure, we enter the Addy Awards to show the quality of our work and to get recognition in our community. That’s the obvious reasons. I’m seeing spin off benefits and they’re stacking up.

Competitive Advantage

How do you help an online retailer build new revenue streams? You’ve got to focus. If you sell things online, then you know it is a constant battle to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Social Media Powered Outreach

Restaurants and just about everywhere people cook food, use fryers. From french fries to tortillas, egg rolls to onion rings, all use vegetable oil. Sooner rather than later, that oil needs to get swapped for clean stuff and that’s where Green Futures comes in.

Designing an e-Storefront

Sites and eCommerce sites, in general, are an opportunity for a business to focus their offerings. When building an e Storefront for Custom Engraving Company, we were challenged with an enormous task.

Clean Corporate Image in All Media

Integrated Marketing is speaking in the same voice, in all media to project a consistent message. With Corporate identity, it is critical to stay on task and keep all your marketing collateral and outreach on theme.

PlanetShifter Names Longbow Public Relations Agency of Record

Firm to Lead National Media Relations Campaign to “Land” Innovative Green Network. Longbow Strategic Group (LongbowSG), the Big Picture communications firm, today announced that it has been selected by to spearhead the promotion of its online “Innovation Network”. is a collaboration to work network. It’s a think tank, a virtual water cooler meet-up, and a place to share and refine ideas about sustainability. The community will be driven by artists, musicians, writers and inventors. Rather than launch the new site, its creator and members want to ‘land’ it.