Is your marketing working?

Longbow helps you answer that question.

For marketing to be effective, we need to know who you are. We perform research, setup reporting and analyze your traffic to better understand your customers. How do you make decisions for your business? Our work provides intel, so you can make informed decisions and steer towards growth and success. If you’re charting your company’s course based on hunches or guesses, then you’re probably wasting time and money—and missing opportunities.

With strong focus on digital, we help you navigate the Advertising and PR world to better promote your business.

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Brand is who you are.
Content is what you’re saying.
Digital is how we communicate.

With research and competitive analysis, we help you see the big picture and understand your market.

We see a website as a marketing platform that gathers intel and provides business intelligence that helps you make informed choices. All your marketing efforts, advertising, public relations, social channels, events, trade and more should all point to your site and drive data. And when we get them here, it’s our job to help you convert them from browsers to customers. That’s what we do.

It’s a crowded marketplace. Longbow helps you get above the noise. We help you promote yourself more efficiently and effectively.

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Do-it-yourself Marketing in a Noisy Marketplace

The word advertising means something different to everyone. Ad Fed, the American Advertising Federation, understands one common theme—if you’re in business, you’re in advertising. People who own, run, and manage small business in America are the ones who drive advertising.

I’m not talking Super Bowl ads, I mean Mom and Pops, Small Business, people like you and me who deal with one question every day: How do I grow my business?

Do-it-yourself Marketing in a Noisy Marketplace


Is your WordPress being hacked—right now?

Wellness for WordPress.

Increasing attacks on the much loved Internet CMS requires we take action.

Each of us likely has a WordPress site—or helps a client with one. To manage any open source web platform requires maintenance and the rapid escalation of hacks and intrusion on the platform requires that we take measures to keep the site current and free from intrusion.

Eric Needle, is the Founder of and was Marketing Director for Artemis IT, Brevard County’s most respected IT Company for over three years. He will share vital information on the latest security concerns and solutions for WordPress.

Is your WordPress being hacked—right now?