Is your marketing effective?

Longbow is targeted marketing.

Isn’t that the big question? All the work you do to promote what you do. What’s working—and what’s not? We perform research, provide reporting and analyze your traffic to better understand your market. How do you make decisions for your business? We provide intel, so you can make informed decisions. If you’re charting your company’s course based on hunches or guesses, then you’re probably wasting time and money—and missing opportunities.

With strong focus on digital, we help you navigate the Advertising and PR world to better promote your business.

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We focus our practice on three main service areas.

Focused on your brand.
Original content driven.
Optimized for search and conversion.

With research and competitive analysis, we help you see the big picture and understand your market. Instead of relying on hunches, we thrive on business data that helps you make informed choices. It’s a crowded marketplace. Longbow helps you get above the noise. We help you promote yourself more efficiently and effectively.

Brand. Content. Digital. Campaigns that hit the mark.

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Longbow provides strategic insight.

Understand the big picture, then deploy targeted creative services that reach your audience.

icon_binocsWhen you see the big picture, who you are and where you want to be—When you see the goal, like a target three hundred yards down range—Every project, every task can line up with your corporate vision.

Call it brand management, call it integrated marketing, name it the buzz word of the day, but if you’re not working towards unified collective goals for your business, then you’re spinning your wheels and getting nowhere fast.

We’re an advocate for our clients, helping you navigate the advertising and pr world. Using new and traditional media, we help you reach more clients, build relationships with customers and grow your business.

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Target, target, target

You have to see the bullseye to hit the mark. We help you focus your marketing efforts with research, reporting and analysis.

icon_targetWe typically work with CEOs, CMOs, Marketing Directors and Managers at small to medium sized corporations. Markets we serve include healthcare, technology, retail, muni, and financial services.

We deliver integrated marketing solutions. More than a pretty website, we design and build internet platforms that leverage leading edge technology to get your message in front of targeted audiences. Social media presence and campaigns, SEO and measurable advertising, writing, editing and publishing, we deliver a suite of solutions. And we do old school as well, from print and sales collateral to face to face sales support and events.

Visit our portfolio pages to see examples of our work and mini case studies.

Attracting the right people.

icon_magnet As a consultancy, we help you understand how you are positioned in your market, increase efficiencies, and leverage all you have to better reach the right prospects. Longbow discovers all you could be doing and focuses your efforts.

With big picture understanding of who you are and where you want to go, Longbow helps illuminate the landscape and elevates you above the noise. With market intelligence we provide information that allows you to make informed decisions. If your marketing works on hunches and guesswork, then you are wasting energy—and time.

The world we operate in is changing constantly. With goals based in reality, we can help you better manage advertising, trade strategy, public and community relations. Rather than rely on old axioms, we create a custom tailored plan of attack and deploy media and presence that builds your image and makes you a magnet. When you understand who your audiences are, speaking in the right tone becomes much simpler. Let us help you do more with less and stop spinning your wheels with no return.

Brand. Content. Digital. Creative Services that hit the mark. Strategic communications that drive the bottom line.